At LuxuryReplik we have an open question policy: we’d prefer you ask 1000 questions freely before you purchase and feel 100% comfortable than for you to buy feeling unsure without any questions. We welcome questions and love to help our clients feel sure. Please look below to read many common questions we have answered. If you have any questions not listed below feel free to contact our Live Chat Support Team FAQ

Our items are guaranteed to be 100% made of real leather which is imported to match that of the original make. We use a range of leathers depending on what is used by the authentic brand on the original item
Your item will come with a box, authentication cards, and when available pamphlets etc. Not all brands send pamphlets so we only send the items you can expect with the original.
We sell counter quality or mirror image replicas. These are the best replicas available in the replica market period. We have choose and test the replicas on our manufacturers warehouse one by one.
You get what you pay for – if you wish to shop at other sites and receive an item that reflects the price you are free to do so. Over 90% of our clients own real designer bags therefore we only sell the best replica item and our price reflects this level of quality.Also keep in mind we ship from Europe.
At the moment we only ship to any country in Europe! The cost of shipping is €20 per order, but we offer free shipping on orders over €200. We work with a fulfillment center located in Germany ( )
NO! This is the main reason we have all our stock in Europe. Your items won't go through customs so you don't have to pay any fees. If you buy from other sites you will see all of them comes from China so you have high probabilities that your package will go through customs and they will stop it as is a replica item. Having our stock in Europe permit us to send your shipment without having to be stopped in customs.
We accept Bitcoin payment or Debit/Credit Card ( Visa/Mastercard ). Detailed payment information is given when you place an order in an invoice. Please speak with our Live Chat Support team if you want to make your order with a Debit/Credit Card.Many of the payment gateways block our payment when we receive payments for replica items,so please when you make your order speak with our Live Chat Support team so they can advise you if you can make your payment with a Debit/Credit Card.
We will return or replace if the item is damaged, defective, or not as ordered. There is no cost for you for the replaced item.We do not refund if you simply change your mind about the colour or style. We encourage you to consult our customer service to make sure you make the right choice when ordering a specific style or colour! We are very reasonable with our clients, and know that a returning client is better than a client that purchases only once to be disappointed and this helps with our success as a company!You have our live chat support team to help you with your return.
Paypal does not work with replica sellers, otherwise, we would love to accept them. However, the reality is that we cannot. You can read more about this in a post we have written on payment methods.

Our items are over 90% accurate and the key differences you will find may be the weight of the hardware (5-10% lighter) or some of the serial numbers may be out of date compared to the original production. However none of these differences are visual, and in many cases, the items are an equal replacement for the original. Material-wise we do not skimp on the items and this reflects in the quality and praise of our brand. Considering you are saving over 90% in the price we believe the differences are negligible at most, and our clients (most of which own authentic items) agree. Additionally, some clients have returned our items as real to the original stores (we do not condone this practice) but this is a testament to the quality.

When you make your order and we received your payment confirmation, we will dispatch your order on the next working day. We will email you with a tracking number where you can check your shipment status on our logistics partner ( )

We guarantee the items will look like the ones in photos on our site – this is the LuxuryReplik quality promise.