LuxuryReplik have the finest lookalike designer products available in the market.

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But it’s taken us more than a decade to reach this level, where we’re widely recognized as the European leading seller of luxury replicas.We’re well-known for our replica watches. was born to eliminate the same frustrations you've probably experienced.

Just like you, we wanted to own luxury purses, bags belts and etc.We loved the look and feel of products from Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Channel, Philipp Plein and other prestigious, high-end brands. We wanted the glamour, the status and all that come with wearing expensive, extravagant designer products.

After doing many purchases from all the chinese and turkish manufacturers and experiencing all the frustrations and problems we had buying this products we had an idea to make a better experience.

  • 40% of our packages were stopped at the customs.Most of them blocked because were replica items.
  • On another 30% of them we had to pay some customs tax because the seller was shipping it as gift or low cost items.

So only 30% of the packages arrived safe .

We have many experience with import/export operations in China and other non-EU countries so we said why don’t we do something and get a big stock of these items in an European country and all the problems will gone.

After a year of many trips to Thaliand,China,Turkey..etc.. we did many relations with the main manufacturers in replica items and we start working.

  • We require top-grade leather that match exactly the oirignal item .
  • We required high-grade metals that match the metals used to create the brand-name purse and match the thread used for stitching as closely as possible.
  • We have a final quality inspection when the items arrives at our warehouse.If there is a single glitch or blemish we sell them to other low-cost replica websites.Here in we sell only the perfect match items

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